House of Hope Animal Rescue 5th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser

Our 5th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser honors Ellie, our “Queen for a Day.” Every dog we save is special and each one has a story. This is the story of Ellie from Texas.

Team Page for Queen Ellie and Bella's Royal Family

Ellie is a Lab/Border Collie Mix. She was about 2 years old when we pulled her from the shelter in September 2016. We believe she had been dragged or thrown from a vehicle. She came to us with extensive road rash. Her head, belly, and elbow were badly wounded, but her back leg was the worst. For all she had been through, it was nothing short or a miracle that she had no broken bones.

With Heartworm disease and so many wounds, Ellie was in pain and had little chance of being saved. As soon as we saw her photos, we knew she needed us to make her well. Ellie needed healing, both emotionally and physically. She needed hope.

House of Hope Animal Rescue invested thousand of dollars and it took about 4 months to make Ellie well. With all she’d been through, she still loved people. In spite of the pain, her tail was always wagging. The wounds healed, fur grew back over her scars, and she received Heartworm treatment.

Ellie is a truly an amazing dog. She showed resilience and the ability to love and be loved, in spite of all she had endured. We watched her heal, inside and out, and become more trustful of people. Once she was well enough, we set out to find a family to love her forever. We had to match her with the perfect home.

Previous adopters Cindy, Conley, and their 5 children, adopted Bella from us in February 2013. They were ready to welcome another dog into their hearts and home. In March 2017, Ellie found not only the loving family she deserved, but a sister too!

In typical Border Collie fashion, Ellie is extremely smart. She’s well behaved, a quick learner, and enjoys learning new things. A total sweetheart, she loves to climb into your lap, cuddle, and give kisses. She also enjoys sunbathing, so we hope for great weather at the Paws in the Park Fundraiser, so she can enjoy her day to shine in the sun.


Photo Credit: Food and a Flash Photography

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