House of Hope Animal Rescue 6th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser


When sharing your personal fundraising page link on Facebook, if you are asked to

“Add a Donate Button,”

please ignore or decline. 





Learn How!


Most potential donors know you personally—friends, relatives, co-workers, and others within your “network.” They may donate to support you rather than House of Hope Animal Rescue. That’s why sharing your personal fundraising page is key. It’s your chance to explain what HOH means to you, why you decided to participate, and how their contribution is essential for us to continue saving lives.


Your personal pledge page already has the basic Walk information:

  • House of Hope Animal Rescue
    6th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser
  • North East Community Park, 200 W Walnut Street, North East, MD 21901
  • Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 9 AM to 2 PM

Customize your page to make it personal. Tell your story!


What to include:

  • Explain that this fundraiser enables HOH to continue to rescue and save dogs.
  • Upload personal photos. Show them your smiling face or share fun pictures of your dogs!
  • Include your personal mission statement. Why are you participating?
  • What’s your fundraising goal?
  • The fundraising thermometer on your page shows your goal and progress. Potential donors can see how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Include instructions that direct people to the “Make a Pledge” link at the bottom of your page.
  • Include contact information. If friends have questions and want to contact you, how can they reach you?

Most of all, smile and have fun, knowing that your fundraising will make a difference in the lives of many dogs, providing them with a second chance at life.

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