House of Hope Animal Rescue 6th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser

Every dog we save is special and each one has a story. This is the story of Lula from South Carolina.

Queen Lula

Photo Credit: Food and a Flash Photography

Some dogs tug at our heart strings a little more than others. That was the case with Lula. In October 2017, we saw her shelter photo and read her horrific story. It’s unimaginable that this amazing soul was kept in a concrete kennel and used to breed, litter after litter. We knew we had to save her.

Lula was pregnant, emaciated, and had calluses all over her stomach from laying on concrete. She had no reason to trust people, but had nothing but love for the animal control officers who transported her and the shelter staff that cared for her.

Virtual Amazon Puppy Shower for LulaIt became our mission to ensure that she would feel the same amount of love that she was giving to everyone else. During 4.5 months in the care of Holly, our puppy whelping foster, Lula was brought back to health and treated like a queen. 

We hosted Virtual Amazon Puppy Shower, so Lula would have everything she and her puppies could possibly need. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, everything on Lula’s wish list was purchased within the first 8 hours.

A week later, Lula gave birth to 6 girls (Paris, MaryLu, Snowy, Piper, L’il Lu, Lily) and 3 boys (Luke, Reese, Bo) during a 12.5-hour delivery.

Lula was fed boiled chicken, yogurt, bone broth, and extra meals to get her strength up so she could care for her puppies. She was the most loving mother not only to her own babies, but to other dogs at her foster home. She met all of her puppy’s adopters and gave her paw of approval to each and every family.

Lula's Gotcha Day PhotoThe next step in her journey was heartworm treatment. We kept her safe and gave her medicine to make her feel strong again. Our vet spayed her and fixed her cherry eye. She rested comfortably through it all and was finally ready to meet her forever family.

Lula went home with her amazing family on March 11. She has 2 acres to run and play fetch with her fur brother Kilo and 2 human siblings. Kilo is a therapy dog and Lula is in therapy dog training. In the future, Lula hopes to work with Mom and Kilo to comfort children.

We were honored to be part of Lula’s journey to health and happiness. 

On Saturday, September 15, the 6th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser honors Lula as our Queen for the Day.





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