House of Hope Animal Rescue 6th Annual Paws in the Park Fundraiser
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Jim Bromwell    
Jen Bromwell    
Dylan Bromwell    
pam brooks   Zero K Niners
Bill Brown Beltway Companies Tobi's Pack
Ryan Burns   Odin and Rufus
Lisa Carr   Remember Freddie
Megan Caudill   Wolf Pack
Toni Clark   Scout's Squad
Abbie Clark   Scout's Squad
Hannah Clark   Scout's Squad
Patricia Clifton    
Susan Collison   Remember Freddie
Chris Conley   Ellie and Bella Morris Conley
Cass Conley   Ellie and Bella Morris Conley
Zach Conley   Ellie and Bella Morris Conley
Cheryl Costello    
Amber Csudill   Wolf Pack
Rachel Daltry   Muddy's Buddies
Donna Daltry   Muddy's Buddies
Dave Daltry   Muddy's Buddies
General Donation    
Gale Dorsey    
Faye Fields    
Newell Fields    
Dave Fischbach    
Joanne Ford Beltway Companies Tobi's Pack
Linda Geiwitz    
Mendy Goodman   Woof Pack
Bruce Goodman   Woof Pack
Rebecca Goodman   Woof Pack
Carol Head    
Paul Head    
Patty Hinkle    
Lynne Jensen   Team Rudy
Brian Kenney   Kenneyklan
KELLY KLIPA   Team Klipa
Lily Klipa 1977  
Carly Korup   Team Rudy
Diane Kukich    
Ashley Lundon    
Matt Lundon    
Julie Miller    
Alex Milwid   Peace Love and Rescue
Ally Morris   Ellie and Bella Morris Conley
Cindy Morris   Ellie and Bella Morris Conley
Russ Mullen Mullen Orthodontics Team Charlie
Abbie Painter   Zero K Niners
Macy Painter    
William Pasturski   Zero K Niners
Britney Pirozzi Beltway Tobi's Pack
Candice Post   Muddy's Buddies
Roberta Recor    
Amy Renai    
Rachel Renai    
Mary Ridgeway    
Susan & Bob Roberts   Transporters
Jeffrey Roushey   OL Pack
Jennifer Roushey   OL Pack
Maxwell Roushey   OL Pack
Joseph Roushey   OL Pack
Bridget Sanders    
Diane Shawver    
Bob Shawver    
Lois Simpson    
Julie Ter Borg Julie Ellyn Designs Team Charlie
GINA TRAPANI   Peace Love and Rescue
Georgia Tugend    
Laura Vitalo   Odin and Rufus
Bonnie Weber-Straub    
Adrienne Williams    
Gabi Williams    
Debbie Wise    
Curtis Wise    
Holly Wolf   Wolf Pack
Abby Wolf    
Olivia Wolf    
Sophie Wolf    
unknown WIN-KMK2OM73JL8